I'm passionate about living my life as sustainably as possible without sacrificing comfort. That's why I'm posting all the tips and tricks I've learned over the past decade and showcasing projects and issues that I think are relevant and important.

I want to help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle too!

Sustainable Living Blog

Less, Not More Traffic Lights Please
For a number of reasons, replacing the 4 way stop with traffic lights is a step backwards for Nelson. First, this is a waste of precious tax dollars. The government of British Columbia plans to increase trips taken by walking,...
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Fit At Fifty
This is us! My husband and I are your hosts at Bear Spring Eco Retreat and creators of Reworks Upcycle Shop. We're both over the age of 50 and, together, we do it all. We are your housekeepers, cleaners, gardeners, landscapers,...
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Transportation Biggest Source of Emissions
I want to start this blog with a definition of leadership. This is a key attribute that I believe is missing in politics today.  Leadership: The action of leading a group of people or an organization. In simple words, leadership...
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The Radical Act of Growing Your Own Food
I’ll admit that I read about Maine’s Food Sovereignty Act well over a year ago. The implications of this act did not fully register in my brain until I started helping my family produce food here on our family farm....
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Plastic Waste Policy Failures and Some Solutions
I can’t believe that it’s 2023 and we’re still so wasteful. We’ve endured another whole year of crazy heat waves, more species extinctions, fishery collapses, incredible flooding, atmospheric rivers, freezing rain, crop failures, rising food prices and some of us...
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