I'm passionate about living my life as sustainably as possible without sacrificing comfort. That's why I'm posting all the tips and tricks I've learned over the past decade and showcasing projects and issues that I think are relevant and important.

I want to help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle too!

Sustainable Living Blog

DIY Foraged Wreaths
Surrounded by forest, I was inspired this fall to start making wreaths from foraged materials. As an artist, it's another amazing medium to work in. I hope to sharpen my skills enough to start designing floral arrangements for my Mom's...
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Make Politics Polite Again
I used to consider myself a liberal, a lefty or a progressive but looking at how polarized politics has become in Canada, I don't identify with any of the political parties anymore. Leaders all around have lowered themselves to cheap shots....
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A Focus On Building The New
“The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Last week, I had the privilege to attend a meeting with The RDCK Climate Action Working Group. The RDCK (Regional...
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